Whether or not we’re all unique snowflakes has yet to be determined, but one thing is for certain: The world is full of a variety of personalities with an even wider variety of working styles. While some people prefer to take charge, others are more inclined to collaborate. Maybe your brother prefers to plan everything out, while you like to be spontaneous. A test called The Personality Compass breaks traits like this down into four distinct styles: North, South, East and West. Let’s take a look at the strengths (and weaknesses) of each style, and how you can determine the right career for your personality.

North: Get it done

The Northern personality style is the natural leader of the group. Never satisfied with “no” (unless they’re the ones saying it), Norths are quick to make decisions and come off as extremely confident. They are valued for their independence and the way they always think of the bottom line. However, others may perceive them as arrogant, controlling, pushy or impatient. If you’re a North, look for jobs that provide opportunity for leadership and value individual achievement and direct communication, while not asking too much in the way of creativity or collaboration. While something like management is an obvious choice, other options could be law enforcement, sales, military officer or coach.

South: Keep it fair

The Southern personality style is the nurturer, always making sure everyone is included. Real team players, Souths trust their emotions and like to bring out the best in others. They are valued for their generosity, patience and ability to be supportive. However, others may see them as indecisive, vulnerable and able to be steamrolled. Ideal careers for a South would be ones that value working as a team and mentoring others while minimizing the “me-first” ideal of many American businesses. If you’re a South, consider a career in teaching, mediation or even human resources.

East: Do it right

The Eastern personality style is analytical, a fan of lists and processes. Known for being practical and dependable, these are the type of people who appreciate having a precise plan and looking at the details as opposed to the bigger picture. While these are all valuable traits, Easts can sometimes come off as rigid, perfectionistic and unforgiving. If you’re an East, make sure you find a job that is structured and sets clear and achievable expectations for their employees; steer clear of those that are looking for dreamers with a vision. Good career fits might be accountant, attorney, engineer or editor.

West: Try it anyway

Finally, the Western personality style is visionary. Wests have a reputation for their active imaginations and being unafraid to go down the road less traveled. They are appreciated for their adventurous spirits, experimentation and ability to see the big picture. On the other hand, they may be perceived as being flighty, disorganized or careless. If you’re a West, be on the lookout for careers that value free thinking and creativity, and aren’t tied down with strict rules, regulations and processes. Good fits might be found in creative fields, such as writing, performing, art or music. However, Wests are also good in fields such as project coordination, architecture and landscaping.

We all bring our own unique strengths and weaknesses to the table. Make sure you find the right career fit by seeking out opportunities that play to your strengths while avoiding those that may come into conflict with your weaknesses.