It’s easy for the rest of the world to romanticize the flamboyant life of a writer — the skilled and imaginative freelance writers, journalists, novelists, poets and other masters of written communication — who seem to have this cunning ability to lure even the most cynical among us as they tell us their gripping stories through articles and prose with honeyed tongues, charming the skeptic and effortlessly drawing the non-believers to listen and take action.

But while writing is a wonderful occupation, it can also be a daunting task. Writers have to wage their battles against writer’s block, distractions, rejections and tight deadlines in a competitive and demanding industry. Fortunately, we are in an era where modern technology has gifted writers with helpful resources to make writing less stressful, faster and more convenient. Useful apps have emerged and are easily available, making the once laborious process of creating and finishing manuscripts a thing of the past.


This app functions like a digital secretary that allows you to jot down your ideas and organize them efficiently. It ensures you are more productive and less worried about losing your work because everything is saved right at your fingertips, and your data is accessible from any electronic device and conveniently shareable with others.


Imagine if Ernest Hemingway signed up to be your writing coach. This app does not do grammar or spelling checks, but assists you with breaking down long sentences and phrases, reconstructing confusing paragraphs and scrapping unnecessary adverbs that most editors frown upon.

Microsoft Word

No matter how “unmodern” this free app may seem, Microsoft Word is still one of the most preferred formats for manuscript submissions. You can create your work in a familiar format that provides the same Edit, Save and Share functions as if you are using a regular laptop or PC.

Sometimes, you need to look up word enhancements to jazz up your writing, and what better way to accomplish that than to have a handy digital one stored conveniently in your smartphone or tablet? This free app gives you a vast resource of information including millions of words and their definitions.

Creative Writer

Thanks to this creativity enhancement app, mental block is less of a problem than before. Creative Writer offers sentence and text suggestions from a variety of sources, and it also includes a built-in dictionary and notepad. It is like having a computer, digital editor, library and writing coach all-in-one place.